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Fungal Nail Treatment in North York

Here at Dufferin Foot Clinic, we strive to provide the people of North York with the absolute best in foot care. We can treat any condition you might have. While some treatments are more in-depth and complex than others, you can count on a Chiropodist from Dufferin Foot Clinic to choose the best course of treatment for your specific situation.

Our doctors are committed to making your life better. We want your feet to function and look great in order to give you more confidence and a better quality of life. When the people of North York need help with nail fungus or Athlete’s foot, they come to us to find a qualified foot specialist.

How Are Fungal Nails Treated?

Depending on the severity of the condition, fungal nails can be treated several different ways. Nail fungus is typically more resistant to treatment than the average case of Athlete’s foot. When our patients in North York suffer from more severe cases, it may be necessary to remove the entire toenail.

Tips to Avoiding Nail Fungus

Once your infection has cleared up, there are quite a few simple things you can do to avoid a recurring condition.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry your feet before going to bed
  • Keep your feet dry as often as possible
  • After showering or bathing, dry wells between your toes
  • Never share nail files or clippers with others
  • Don’t share socks or shoes with anyone else
  • Do your best to avoid injuries to the toenail
  • Only wear cotton socks, and do your best to keep them dry, changing them several times throughout the day if needed
  • When showering in a public shower, always wear shower shoes or sandals

Most common foot fungus problems can be undercut by following basic care guidelines for your feet.

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To learn more about how to prevent fungal nails or to schedule an appointment for treatment, call us today at (416) 654-5515. We are committed to offering the people of North York the absolute best in foot care.

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