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Sometimes foot pain can be caused by imbalances in the foot or changes in gait that produce tissues or bones to have excess pressure or stresses. In this case, custom made orthotics may be included in the treatment therapy. Chiropodists here at Dufferin Foot Clinic are qualified foot specialists that can assess whether custom made orthotics are required for the people of North York. Chiropodists are qualified to prescribe the orthotic that best suits your health condition, biomechanical needs, activity level and even include an assessment of footwear appropriate for your foot pain. Some foot conditions addressed include heel pain, arch pain, foot fatigue, pressure spots, protecting diabetic and arthritic feet. We provide a (thorough) biomechanical assessment and we are trained to make a 3D plaster cast/ impression of the foot.

Regardless of why you need custom orthotics, we are here to help. Our North York chiropodist can treat any ailments of the feet that you deal with. Call us today at (416) 654-5515 to learn more about how we can limit or eliminate your foot pain and discomfort.

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