Proper attire for your legs and feet when traveling can impact just how enjoyable a flight is, and also how safe it is as well. Particularly with long-distance travel, your legs and feet can cause circulatory problems in your body, having the potential to cause blood clots.
What Can Cause Blood Clots?
People over the age of 40 are more likely to develop blood clots, particularly older women who are using oral birth control or HRT, or women who have recently given birth. Obesity is another risk factor, but genetics can also play a role if your family is prone to blood clots.
How Can I Prevent Blood Clots?
Moving as much as possible when able to in the aircraft is recommended, but simply raising your legs or massaging your calf muscles can help increase blood flow and aid your circulation. Drinking as much water as possible is another good way to help your circulation. For wearable items, avoid wearing restrictive clothing, and if possible, wear compression socks. Compression socks were specifically designed to improve circulation as they act as an external muscle to squeeze the expanded veins in your legs closer. With narrower veins, the blood has an easier pathway back to the heart like it normally does. Depending on your needs, compression socks come in a variety of degrees of compression and are even in different colours and patterns to suit one’s personal style so you don’t have to choose between stylish and practical. For compression socks and stocking to work, however, they must be professionally fitted to make sure you’re getting the right treatment.