Last week, we talked about the dangers of high heels and the damage that they cause to not only your feet, but to your ankles and calves as well. To combat these damages, we’ve come up with five ways that you can help reduce or eliminate the dangers that come with wearing high heels.
1. Stretching and Massaging. Remember how we mentioned that the Achilles tendons aren’t being put to work as much as when we are wearing regular shoes? Stretching out that tendon and massaging your calf muscles at the end of the day will help relieve the tension that gets built up and will loosen your sore muscles. Pay attention to your toes as well, massaging between them and stretching them apart. Doing so promotes circulation and will speed up the healing process.
2. Do not wear or keep shoes that are ill-fitted for your feet. Shoes get worn down over time the more that we use them and can become too small or even too roomy if we stretch them out. No matter how much money you spent on those shoes or the sentimental value that is attached to them, if they don’t fit, they have to go. Get a head start on your spring cleaning and go through your shoe closet. You’ll be amazed by just how many of your favourite shoes don't fit anymore. But, look on the bright side: a shopping spree is in your future and you have the chance to fall in love with your new favourite pair.
3. Wear high heels that have a platform and a wedge, rather than a thin heel. These heels are especially useful for those of us who do not have great balance or are the lucky recipients of weak ankles. Thicker heels provide a greater surface area for the body weight to be distributed across, resulting in less tension and will provide much more stability.
4. Vary the heights of your high heels. Wearing six inch heels all day every day won’t be doing your feet any favours. Opt for shorter heels throughout the week to switch it up, or better yet, switch between high heels and flats in the same day to give your feet a well-deserved rest.
5. Wear “travel” shoes. Unless you’re driving straight to your destination, wear non-heeled shoes until you reach it, especially if you’re walking on the pavement or in less than ideal weather conditions. Save your fancy shoes for the main event.
If you’re experiencing extreme foot pain relating to heels that stretches and preventative measures just can’t fix, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you back on your feet again.