Claw toe is a condition where the toes become bent into a position where they resemble the shape of a claw. While the condition is not a serious one, it can be very uncomfortable for the affected person, but it is important to get it checked out by a podiatrist regardless as it can indicate an underlying condition like diabetes and even cerebral palsy. Claw toe can present itself at birth or become apparent later on in life.
Claw toe causes the first toe joint to become propped up while the others are bent downwards, creating a claw appearance which should prompt you to visit a doctor. As mentioned above, pain may not always be present, but don’t wait for the pain to appear before seeking treatment.
Claw toe can occur, if not present from birth, in the following ways:
Ankle surgery
Ankle injuries
Nerve damage

Underlying medical conditions that can cause claw toe include:
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cerebral palsy
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (Rare)

To treat claw toe, there are a few things that your podiatrist can do for you.
Depending on the flexibility of your toes, your podiatrist may put tape on them or use a splint to help keep them in the correct position. Your podiatrist may also tell you what kind of shoes to wear, while avoiding others entirely.
However, if the toes are too rigid for these treatments, intervention may be required in the form of surgery. By shortening the bone at the base, the toe can properly straighten out.
If the claw toe is related to an underlying illness, medication to help treat the condition will be prescribed.
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